Dooley Performance HorsesDooley Performance Horses attends local Colorado shows and national shows. Our show schedule includes AQHA and NRHA shows. We support the local NRHA affiliates including RMRHA (Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association), EPRHA (Eastern Plains Reining Horse Association), CPRHA (Central Plains Reining Horse Association), and WSRHA (Western Slope Reining Horse Association).

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2016 Show Schedule

Date Show Event Type Location

January 10 RAM Invitational Freestyle Reining NRHA Denver, CO

February 16-17 RMQHA Bellringer AQHA Denver, CO

March 23-24 RMQHA Gold Rush AQHA Denver, CO

April 17-23 NRBC NRHA Katy, Tx

May 7 EPRHA Spring Rein Jackpot NRHA Elbert, CO

May 18-22 *Columbine Classic NRHA
Pueblo, CO

May 25-29 Wild Card Reining NRHA Las Vegas, NV

June 7-12 *Eastern Slope Slide NRHA Castle Rock, CO

July 9 EPRHA Summer Sun Jackpot NRHA Elbert, CO

July 23-30 *RMRHA Summer Slide NRHA Denver, CO

August 5-13 AQHA Youth World Show AQHA Oklahoma City, OK

August 13 EPRHA Fun in the Sun Jackpot NRHA Elbert, CO

August 12-14 CPRHA Summer Challenge NRHA Broken Bow, NE

August 27-29 AQHA Select World Show AQHA Amarillo, TX

September 17 EPRHA Autumn Rein Jackpot NRHA Elbert, CO

September 18-20 KRHA Sunflower Slide NRHA Topeka, KS

September 28-October 2 CPRHA Great Plains Futurity NRHA McCook, NE

November 4-6 APHA World Show  APHA Amarillo, TX

November 24 –
December 3
NRHA Futurity and North American Affiliate Championships NRHA Oklahoma City, OK

* RMRHA/EPRHA Qualifying Shows

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